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Speed Buster

Pedalbox - Gaspedaltuning V4.0 - VOLKSWAGEN Passat

$258.00 $399.00

VOLKSWAGEN Passat all engine - manufacturing year: 2006-

Year: 2006-
Article number.: 10601818

What will the Speed-Buster Pedalbox in my Passat?

  • more direct throttle response
  • sporty driving experience
  • better acceleration
  • no additional burden on the engine
  • Automotive electronics remains untouched
  • enables faster gearshifts
  • easy & fast installation and removal
  • attachable switch

Technical Data

Have you ever experienced that your Passat does not take off quickly after pressing hard on the accelerator pedal?

Even if your Volkswagen has plenty of power, it takes a few seconds until it is available at your disposal.

The original Speed-Buster Pedalbox eliminates these problems by reducing the time lag between pressing of the accelerator pedal and the engine start.

Even with vehicles which do not have much power this reduction in time lag is observable, as the vehicle feels much sportier and reacts swiftly.

The Pedalbox also optimizes the acceleration response of vehicles with automatic transmission. The typical ‘sluggish response’ is eliminated with the use of Pedalbox.

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