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Speed Buster

ChiptuningBox - BMW X3 M (G01) 375 kW 510 PS


Engine code: S58

Engine capacity 2993
Year: ab 04/2019
Availability: dispatch in 24 hours

Power data:

  Usual Optimized Difference
Power 353 kW / 480 PS 441 kW / 600 PS +88 kW / +120 PS
Torque 600 Nm 760 Nm +160 Nm

Why should you trust chip tuning by Speed-Buster?

With the optimization of SPEED-BUSTER, you will achieve the best results that your vehicle can deliver. The electronics are individually tuned for your type of vehicle and thus create an optimization of the engine parameters, which procures a clear performance increase. Merely by optimizing the settings of the vehicle’s parameters it becomes possible for you to increase the current performance of your engine by thirty percent and to obtain thirty percent more torque. The implementation couldn’t be easier: Every optimization software is developed specifically for your type of vehicle! Every individually developed cable harness is connected to different sensors on the engine. The connection of the cable harness for any specific vehicle is, of course, carried out with genuine coupling devices in the quality of the original equipment manufacturer.


Speed-Buster: TÜV Rheinland geprüft und zertifiziert

KBA certification (KBA: German Federal Motor Vehicle Office). Speed-Buster is certified and licensed by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Office

Speed-Buster: Mitglied im Verband der Automobiltuner in Deutschland VDAT-member Speed-Buster is a member of the association of automobile tuners in Germany (VDAT)


Easy installation of the Pedalbox

  • 1. Localise the throttle pedal sensor in the footwell. It is situated directly on the throttle pedal.
  • 2. Release the plug from the throttle pedal.
  • 3. Now plug the original Speed-Buster Pedalbox plug into the throttle pedal sensor.
  • 4. Afterwards, connect the original plug with the Pedalbox.
  • 5. Now relocate the Pedalbox and the switch to a suitable position.
Speed-Buster Pedalbox Installation
Speed-Buster Gaspedal Box

Enhanced acceleration

Faster acceleration and a more direct responsive behaviour! With only one click on the Pedal-App you immediately increase the liveliness of your vehicle.

Entirely unrestricted configuration

With the help of graphic surfaces, you configurate the characteristic curve of your vehicle completely according to your ideas and needs.

Vehicle immobiliser

Protect your property from unwanted use. In “PROTECT”-mode it is impossible to drive your vehicle. As a security measure, a six-digit pin number is necessary.


lise an actual decrease in fuel consumption. With the slightly degressive characteristic diagrams and a reduction of the injection volume that can’t be felt in the full load range.

Performance decrease

You are not the only one using your high-performance vehicle? No problem. Simply reduce the performance of your vehicle down to as low as 10%. Your car can, for example, still be parked, without allowing for an actual ride on the streets.

Speed-Buster Pedal-Box

The perfect addition to the Speed-Buster Chiptuning Box

  • Enhanced responsive behavior
  • Easy assembly
  • TUEV registration-free
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Enables quicker gear shifts
  • More sportive driving performance

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