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The two different electronic performance improvements differ already in approach.

The performance optimization by an additional control unit (a kind of mini-computer) that is connected between the engine control unit and the sensors. This compares to the classic chip tuning, that modifies or overwrites the manufacturer side software through a direct intervention in the engine control unit and the electronics of the vehicle. Basically performed at both approaches, the performance increase by optimizing the electronic signals.

Classic Chiptuning

Active and mostly permanent override of the manufacturer's software
Manufacturer's engine protection programs often disabled
Tuning usually exceed the load limits of the engine
Complicated installation with special tools by a tuning company
Able to deinstallation, but only with great effort and cost - Detectable is always

SPEED-BUSTERĀ® Chiptuning Box

Optimization of the manufacturer's software without these being overwritten
Retained all motor protection programs
Tuning only within the load limits of the engine
Easy own installation without special tools in approximately 10 minutes
Simple, fast and 100% possible set back to the serial conditions


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