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ChipTuning Box

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Most manufacturers nowadays sell one single engine in differing performance levels. This means, that only the software that is installed on the control units is responsible for the actual performance delivery. This is where the tuning box by Speed-Buster comes in and puts the extra performance of the more powerful model at your disposal… and all of this at only a fraction of the price that the car distributor would demand.

Even in highly motorized vehicles, the engine allows for significant performance reserves, in order to cater to the global markets with differences in air pressure, exhaust emission limits, and fuels. Whereas the majority of the tuning boxes on the market still operate with a 1-2-channel system, we develop the future. For selected vehicles we already offer 5-channel systems, that are developmentally years ahead of the usual standard performance enhancements.


Leistungdiagramm - Beispiel Golf VII GTI TFSi

High-End Qualität

With the optimization of various sensor data, a performance enhancement of up to 30% can be reached. Thanks to increased engine torque, fuel savings of up to 15% are possible. Original manufacturer plugs and waterproof molded housing ensure easy assembly and long-lasting reliability. Multi-channel boxes mean that thanks to modern microprocessors the data of up to eight sensors are processed in real time, newly calculated and forwarded to the engine control unit. Thanks to this recalculation based on vehicle specific identification data, several engine parameters are optimized simultaneously. (no rail-pressure increase) All SPEED-BUSTER® chip tuning boxes are parametrized with specifically developed characteristic diagrams, which are tailored exactly to the vehicle type. Our tuning developers identify the ideal settings for each vehicle in elaborate testing facility calibrations and test rides. The pure plug connection without any soldering allows for a residue-free removal. The SPEED-BUSTER® chip tuning kit can be used again after it has been removed. During the assembly, no intervention in the original sealed motor control unit is necessary, so that the factory-set manufacturer parameters are kept intact. Once the tuning kit is removed, the vehicle is in its complete original serial state again.


Speed-Buster is the leader in technology

Our engineers are specialized in the development of performance electronics for over 20 years. With this know-how, that has been built up over decades, we are able not only to comply with the standards of the automobile industry but to outperform them. With more than 1.000.000 test kilometers successfully completed, our electronics meet the highest of quality expectations. For this reason, we are able to give all of our clients a free of charge engine warranty on top of their chip tuning.