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Pedal-APP Box

Now you can control your throttle pedal on your phone.

The Pedal-APP Box can be configurated flexibly and individually


Speed-Buster Pedal-App

The perfect addition to the Speed-Buster Chiptuning Box

  • Enhanced responsive behaviour
  • Easy assembly
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Mobile app control
  • Any desired number of speed levels
  • Enables quicker gear shifts
  • More sportive driving performance

Easy installation of the Pedalbox

  • 1. Localise the throttle pedal sensor in the footwell. It is situated directly on the throttle pedal.
  • 2. Release the plug from the throttle pedal.
  • 3. Now plug the original Speed-Buster Pedalbox plug into the throttle pedal sensor.
  • 4. Afterwards, connect the original plug with the Pedalbox.
  • 5. Now relocate the Pedalbox and the switch to a suitable position.
Speed-Buster Pedalbox Installation
Speed-Buster Gaspedal Box

Enhanced acceleration

Faster acceleration and a more direct responsive behaviour! With only one click on the Pedal-App you immediately increase the liveliness of your vehicle.

Entirely unrestricted configuration

With the help of graphic surfaces, you configurate the characteristic curve of your vehicle completely according to your ideas and needs.

Vehicle immobiliser

Protect your property from unwanted use. In “PROTECT”-mode it is impossible to drive your vehicle. As a security measure, a six-digit pin number is necessary.


lise an actual decrease in fuel consumption. With the slightly degressive characteristic diagrams and a reduction of the injection volume that can’t be felt in the full load range.

Performance decrease

You are not the only one using your high-performance vehicle? No problem. Simply reduce the performance of your vehicle down to as low as 10%. Your car can, for example, still be parked, without allowing for an actual ride on the streets.

Speed-Buster throttle pedal tuning app

Available for IOS and Android

The original SPEED-Buster Pedalbox optimizes the serial signal of the electronic throttle pedal, which leads the engine control unit to a different standard setting. With the Pedal-APP you configure the Pedalbox according to your wishes.

Since 2002 by the most manufacturers the accelerator works no longer mechanically, directly via linkage or cable, instead of via the engine control unit on the throttle elements (for gasoline engines) or via the injection system (diesel engines). These so-called "drive by wire" systems are often subject to a perceptible signal delay. The SPEED-BUSTER GP1 is directly connected to the accelerator pedal and optimized independently the signal of the electronic accelerator pedal, causing the engine control unit is induced to another control function. This results in a much more direct response of the vehicle.

It is, contrary to popular belief not possible to cause the speed of the signal by quickly pressing the accelerator.

  • improves the response of your vehicle
  • more direct throttle response
  • more torque even at low speed
  • no additional burden on the engine
  • "Made in Germany" from the development to the production site in Sinzig
  • always up to date of all motor types
  • Self-configuring power levels to choose from
  • Full control of "drive-by-wire" throttle